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If you don't have these products, you're missing out. GoBelieve values and takes pride in all-around health. If you want that, then check out their beauty line called Breathe. You won't be disappointed!

Skin Care Collection


Hydrated Skin

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The must-have product is the "Daily Cucumber Cleanser" --ingredients include vitamin B3 and white willow. This amazing cleanser smells like cucumbers and leaves a refreshing, soothing, satisfying sensation on your face while also opening up your pores and enhancing rich nutrients your body needs to replenish skin cells. 

"I'm obsessed with the cucumber cleanse. It smells great, and the results are even better. It leaves a soothing sensation as it hydrates and replenishes my skin. I would highly recommend it." 
-Katy (New York City)

The "Vitamin C Hydration Serum," which contains vitamin C and citrus stem cells, is an oil-free product that does not clog your pores. Intended for use following the daily cleanser, this serum is the perfect polisher to add to a skin care routine. It evens your skin tone, strengthens your skin barriers, and leaves your skin looking like the three R's: Replenished, Radiant, and Rejuvenated.

"Since using the Hydration Serum, I have received compliments for having an even skin tone. Personally, I have noticed reduced wrinkles and less puffiness under my eyes. I would highly recommend this product."

-Justine (Philadelphia)

To top it all off, our "Hand and Body Restore Cream" is made with vitamin A, green tea & chamomile. If you or anyone you know has an issue with dry or cracked skin, this is highly recommended. This light-weight cream has a 24-hour softener that treats, moisturizes, and refreshes skin, providing long-lasting results.

“Growing up, I've often had dry skin, and now I can honestly say that my skin feels smooth, soft, and healthy by using the hand and body restore cream.”

-Carrie (Los Angeles)

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